Monday, January 17, 2011

Eggplant and Salted Mackerel Hot pot

I am addicted to salt. By addicted I mean I would rather slowly suck on those plastic fish filled with soy sauce that you get with sushi than chew gum. That’s probably not the best example, but it’s the best I could think of so far!
I’ve only had salted fish and eggplant hot pot once before, while at yum cha. Though I don’t think I can call it ‘yum cha’ because I didn’t understand the concept of it. Instead I ordered one thing for myself, as did all my friends. My dish was delicious, though it was too much for just one person to finish by themselves!
When we left, I said to my Chinese friend, maybe it would have been better if we shared all of our dishes! She glared at me and told me that she had been trying to tell me that we were supposed to do that any way! ... I have trouble paying attention to people. I think it’s genetic?
The recipe I followed comes from Poh’s kitchen and can be found here.
When I cooked mine, I would have added at least another 20g of the salted mackerel but as my dad has become extremely sensitive to salt and cares about what it does to your health (or at least attempts to pretend to care) I did not add the extra mackerel. However, when I was plating my own dish... I may have added a dash or two of fish sauce!

I do apologise for the photo, the minced pork doesn't look in 'place' (or even that appealing) but if you just ignore my photo and stare at Poh's ... I'm sure you'll be convinced to cook the recipe! That picture is just so pretty! And the recipe is just so darn tasty!

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