Sunday, January 9, 2011

Where I've Been

This week, I have an excuse for not adding more to my blog, I was in Melbourne. It was really tempting to write a review on a place I had eaten out at, but I’m not very keen on taking photos of food in public. I’m a tad self conscious and feel it’s a bit awkward and slightly weird to take photos of my food. Even at home, it feels weird.
For example, imagine me saying:  ‘Hey dad, before you eat dinner.... can you wait? I need to plate up and make it all pretty so I can take a decent photo’. That kind of doesn’t work well with my family and doesn’t really constitute to ‘normal’ behaviour. However, I do feel that if your proud of something, or want to remember the memories forever than taking photos of your food is acceptable, if only you can get the photo before someone starts eating!
While in Melbourne, My sister and I were staying in Prahan. (Well my sister was moving into an apartment there so technically, I was staying in Prahan). We visited the Prahan market and got the BEST pesto I had ever had! It was not a traditional pesto and was flavoured with smoked chilli and had a good amount of pine nuts which made it super chunky and delicious! I forgot which stall we bought it at though.

We also bought an almond croissant and an apple and cinnamon muffin from a cafe located in the market and I know it sounds cliché but they were also the best I had ever eaten! There was also another gourmet food stall which sold the most delicious falafels! Usually I HATE falafels as they are dry and flavourless. These however were moist on the inside, crunchy on the outside and filled with fresh herbs. 

At home, my sister and I do not have access to a microwave, so we took advantage of the one in the apartment and made what is known as the ‘Brownie in a Mug’. Our creations ‘exploded’ in her microwave and we were left with a big chocolate cake mess! However we did get some pretty tasty results with what was left. It was also pretty impressive to watch a cake bake in a mug in less than 5 minutes!

For dinner one night my sister and I went to Misty’s Diner. An American inspired diner of course. I found it cute that all the waiters had ‘American style’ names such as Grace and Mary Sue. I have got to say that the burgers were not as impressive as the milkshakes! I got captain crunch and peanut butter flavoured and my sister got the turtle (caramel and chocolate).  If captain c runch wasn’t $10 a box here in Australia, I would definitely buy a box for myself. If I was to go back to Misty’s, it would be for the milkshakes. I had gotten the pulled pork sliders but found the pork a tad too sweet alone and ended up dousing them in yellow mustard.   

I had wanted to go to EARL canteen and Glick’s bakery for lunch but they were both closed as well as Limoncello (a gelato store) and Le Petit Un Gateau. Next time when in Melbourne I suppose. My sister and I also found an excellent Chinese restaurant which we will have to go back too as well as an ice cream store on Lygon Street that sold Ricotta Ice Cream, which I just have to re create soon!

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