Monday, January 31, 2011

It's been Splendid

So, it’s been a long time since my last post. The thing is... I didn’t miss blogging. It may be because no one reads my blog so I didn’t get the shrill and motivation to continue posting, but I don’t think it’s just that.
Blogging just isn’t for me. I don’t feel the motivation to write about my food. I like sharing food, no doubt and talking about it... and cooking it... and eating it, but I’m just not someone who wants to blog.
I’m not giving up my dreams. I will still cook (and I’m sure my cookbook collection will continue to grow no matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise). But now I have just decided to cook for myself, my family and my friends. I will store these memories in a photo album. This album will be passed through my family. Secrets and dreams will be revealed. It will be like a resume that shows off all my cooking achievements. It’s something I will be proud of and not embarrassed to share with my family.
Maybe one day I’ll return to blogging. I will keep this blog running though... who knows, someone might want to create vanilla and roobis ice cream and will need a recipe. Or they might create it and sadly find out they did not think of the idea. (If that is you... I’m sorry I got to it first!) I’m sure someone will want Anzac muesli somewhere along the lines too....
This was a nice experiment; it’s just not for me... I’ll face the world some other way!
Signing off for now,

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